Download SHAREit For PC Windows 10

shareit for pc windows 7 android phones to transfer photo or files to another android mobile. SHAREit is good if you want to send files between 2 PC. But unfortunately, this feature do now work for MacOS, even though they have a dedicated app for that platform. Also, SHAREit is owned by Lenovo, who are not very popular with their privacy policy. In fact, while installing SHAREit, the first thing you need to do is, allow SHAREit to collect anonymous data, without that you can not use the app.

Download SHAREit For PC Windows 10


Basically Shareit is an app that lets you share any sort of files, images, videos, music and apps. It is developed by Lenovo and is considered as one of the best app to share your data among each other. Use Shareit for PC and Shareit for Windows to transfer files between any devices be it Android, MAC or iOS. This Shareit app download is completely free to use for all available versions with Windows 7, 6 and 10. With Shareit it just takes seconds to transfer your files that too offline.

ShareIt makes use of PC’s wireless adapter to create a hotspot. This allows for faster trasnfer of files as they are transferred over Wi-Fi. If a hotspot is not possible, the two connecting devices should be on the same WiFi (LAN) network. Hence, a wireless adapter or same LAN is needed to make use of ShareIt on a Windows PC or laptop.

With its advanced and smart features and specifications, the SHAREit carved its own identity in the field of technology. While there are many such apps for sharing the data, this app enjoys good user base in the market and is widely used around the world. We say that the app earned enough fame with its features and also the app is impressing one and all.

All we say is that the most used app – SHAREit is a great tool for sharing the files or information. And we are sure that the features listed above would have helped you in understanding the app even better. Make use of the app without any chaos or disturbance to the fullest. Just read the instructions and follow the same to download the app. Just open the app and start using it.

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The BlueStacks software works like an emulator which helps to run any of the Android or device applications on your PC without facing any problem. With the help of this software, you can easily run the SHAREit application in your system and transfer any of the files or the document to your devices.

The team of Core Security researchers have found many other security issues, which is related to plain text file transfer in both Android and Windows version of SHAREit. Lenovo is still working on these SHAREit for android security issues. For more details check security reports of Core Security Corelabs.